About me pictureHi!

This is Road Trotter, an ordinary man who wishes to fulfill his dream to travel the entire world.

What you will find here are collections of my inspiring travel stories. Aside from sharing my experiences, I also intend to reveal more about the places I discover and share the things I find interesting while I am out to my adventures.

I will write about the beautiful destinations as I explore and help you reach them through providing travel guides and tips. I will try to capture stunning and remarkable photos. I will feature interesting and ordinary people and treat them as celebrities here. I will feed your eyes and minds with the wonders of nature and amazing works of engineering through a video blog (vlog).

If you are afraid to go out and travel, Road Trotter will bring the world closer to you. I will do this not to make you confined in your comfortable place, but show you the reasons to break the walls of fears that impede you to travel because I want you to experience how enlivening it is to be somewhere far and unfamiliar. However, more than that, I want the protectors of our environment to multiply. It is my earnest hope, that by showing you what we have in this world, you will be encouraged to get involved in the equation.

Like you, I know my subscription to life will someday expire. Before it happens, I am choosing to live every page of it worth browsing and remembering. This is one way of fulfilling it— creating an online travel journal of my own where my love for travel and writing meet in one destination.

I am  now officially signing in.

  1. LhesterEvanculla

    Congratulations Roadtrotter!

  2. kristine

    Congrats friend!
    You have your own site now.
    Love the pics and the articles.
    I wish I could travel like you do.

    Someday, we’ll travel together.. I hope.. 🙂

    • Roman Leo Reyman

      Tin! Thanks! I miss you! Tara, let’s travel together, SOOOONNN!


    Hope you can go back in our province, Lubang Island, Occidental Mindoro and write more about that simple and very quiet place. Thank you also for visiting Lubang Island, it helps the island to encourage more tourists to visit every summer.

    • Roman Leo Reyman

      Will be back in Lubang summer next year.

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