Doing Nothing at Colmar Tropicale Resort in Berjaya Hills

This piece won’t tell you anything but lure you to get lazy on your next travel.

I was moving like a runner in Singapore for three straight days until a shift of environment made a sudden twist to my relentless strutting. The five-hour bus ride from Singapore brought me to Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. Upon arriving, my pace started to turn slow.

I didn’t wait too long before the service shuttle to Berjaya Hills in Pahang, Malaysia picked me. When I reached the resort, I was quickly assisted and treated as guest. My friend Millie works as one of the executives at The Chateau Organic Spa Resort, a six-star and sister hotel of Colmar Tropicale resort where I stayed. From booking to (ahem) accommodation, food and other expenses, everything was arranged and shouldered. I was that lucky (and handsome) that moment.

Colmar Tropicale 4

Then I swiftly played the role of a VIP guest. I was introduced to the staff manning the reception who happens to be a Filipino too. Millie then led me to my room, toured me around, and we made more meet-and-greet sessions with almost all the employees serving at the resort’s various food outlets. Guess what! They are all Filipinos! So you could imagine how ecstatic I was meeting them. I even met a kababayan from Zambales.

With fellow Filipinos who work at Colmar Tropicale

With fellow Filipinos who work at Colmar Tropicale

After fixing my things, I went out of my room for dinner. Millie and Marvin were waiting for me at the Italian restaurant downstairs. We had salad for appetizer, pasta and pizza for main course, and 12 years’ worth of stories for dessert. Accompanied by the cold and breezy atmosphere, we revel in our conversation for us not to notice that it was already getting late until we saw stores closing down one by one. We called it a night but my eyes weren’t ready to retire  yet; so I managed to make two phone calls through Skype and update my blog after.

My good friend Millie

My good friend Millie

The sunlight cascading through the window of my room interrupted my nine-hour sleep. I forgot to close it. Before going to bed last night, I opened it wide and peeked through the whole place which was almost swallowed by darkness. I loved what I did — just stared at something I didn’t recognize at all while thinking only of myself. Perhaps it was only one of the few times my mind wasn’t pre-occupied by next day’s itinerary as I planned doing nothing.

Colmar Tropicale

I hurriedly woke up and got ready for breakfast. I sat at the corner of the restaurant — just the right spot to see people coming in and going out. The varieties of food served to me were mixed of European, American and Asian delicacies. The place was almost empty since it was already half past 9 in the morning. People were maybe out visiting famous tourist destinations near the resort. Well, except me; I wanted to not be in motion.

Colmar Tropicale 10

My scheduled check out was two hours after lunch time. I finished breakfast at 10 a.m., giving me another two hours before taking my next meal, and extra two hours to spend lounging in my room.

Colmar Tropicale 01

My initial plan was to arrive in Kuala Lumpur before sunset so I would have two days to spend in the city and a day in Malacca (Melaka).  However, indolence was too strong to repel and I was still enjoying my time doing nothing. Instead of having my things packed, I approached the receptionist to request for extension of my stay for another day. She was taken aback of my decision and told me: “Sir, are you sure you want to extend your stay here? It is boring here. You have nothing else to do here.” I quickly retorted saying that I was really looking for a boring place where I can relax and maximize my short vacation.

Colmar Tropicale 1

Since my booking was bundled with a tour to Japanese village located just 10 minutes from Colmar, I immediately had it arranged before noon together with some guests of the resort. It took me only one hour to finish the whole tour. It was relaxing to roam around the village too.

Colmar Tropicale 7

My friend joined me again at lunch since she was also on duty at work that time. Telling her I was extending my stay until tomorrow afternoon surprised her because most tourists who have limited time spend only a day at the resort due its proximity from Kuala Lumpur.

Colmar Tropicale 11

After meal, I went back to my room and slept, woke up after four hours, took my snacks and dipped in the pool. Sleep… eat… swim; sleep… eat… swim… This sequence continued until I left the resort in the afternoon the following day.

Colmar Tropicale 3

Cancelling my trip to Malacca was the repercussion of my decision to spend another day at Colmar. I didn’t have regrets though. I would have spent two more nights there if I had a lengthy vacation. In fact, I wouldn’t care shelling out cash for this place.

Colmar Tropicale 2

Colmar Tropicale, themed after Colmar town in France is old and dusty for some. But aside from making me fascinated, this resort — sitting atop the hilly Pahang — gave me a comforting vacation experience during my vacation and a two-day hiatus during my first solo travel abroad. It also somehow transported me to France which I dream to visit someday.

Colmar Tropicale 6

And because I cannot afford my dream Euro trip as of yet, this experience will suffice for now.