Sunsets and Stories Behind them

You are in motion. Suddenly, you stop. You look above. You admire the shifting hues that cover the sky.  It is so magical which unknowingly force you to stare at it and just keep still until the fireball recedes. You smile. Not knowing what the reasons are, you just feel consoled and elated. Then you wonder what power the sunset possesses why every time you see it, it makes you stop and feel a little better.

Your question is the same as mine. It is still mystery. And sunset, being mysterious, makes it more beautiful.

I chase sunsets during my travels in the Philippines. I store photos of them. Most are taken in Luzon using my camera phone. And to share my favorite ones in my collection, here are my 10 stunning sunsets in the Philippines:

ZAMBALES (1 and 2)
Magalawa Island, Palauig

This picture of sunset reminds me of friendship.

Magalawa Island

I’m sure our high school life, if not the happiest, is one of the happiest days of our teenage life. So when a friend told me about her plans of going home and seeing our friends way back in high school, I immediately took part in the planning of our get together. We were seven who visited Magalawa Island in 2013. Aside from sharing our crisp stories, food, and brandy, we also admired and shared the same full moon and sunset. It was a meaningful and a happy day for us featuring the best and hilarious moments of our high school life. Being with them reminded me that friends are like sunset, you may not see them sometimes, but you know that they are always there.

Pundaquit Beach, San Antonio

This picture of sunset reminds me of home.

Pundaquit Beach

I was born and grew up in Zambales. This is also where I learned to paint my entire dream. Whenever I get the chance to visit a beach resort from my hometown, I always go to Pundaquit beach. Aside from having relatives there to accommodate me, this place also gives me more reason to appreciate my home province; it shows me that I am one fortunate being to have a home blessed with the abundance of nature.

Manila Bay, Roxas Boulevard

This picture of sunset reminds me of support group.

Manila Bay

This was the time when I got invited to join a one-day free tour in Corregidor Island and a dinner on a yacht at Manila Bay after the tour. Joining me were my fellow Filipino travel bloggers who supplied the amount of support I needed to pursue traveling. I was a novice traveler back then; their experiences and the lists of places they’ve explored gave me more inspiration to continue what I have started. Just like a sunset that brightens up a gloomy day, they helped me see the brighter side of traveling.

Paoay Beach

This picture of sunset reminds me to appreciate delays.

Paoay Beach

My stint in my previous job gave me opportunity to travel. While I was on my way to fix something for an event, I received a message from the person I was supposed to meet asking me to reschedule our meeting after dinner that day. To my dismay, I asked my driver to bring me to the nearest restaurant in the area. While we were swerving back to the main road, I saw the ebbing sun. We stopped, and I got off the car. Taking advantage of that brief respite from work by merely watching the sunset was the relief I was looking for amidst my hectic schedule. It was ironic that I became thankful of the postponement of my meeting. Had it not been postponed, I wouldn’t appreciate the good things delay could possibly bring.

BATAAN (5-7)
Sabang, Morong

These pictures of sunset remind me of the importance of reunion.

Sabang Beach


Sabang Beach

I spent all my summer vacations during my pre-teen years in Bataan. When I studied in Manila for college until I graduated and landed a job, I only get to visit my childhood vacation place during special occasions and family reunions of my matriarchal clan. Seeing my relatives on a yearly basis makes my visits more meaningful. My cousins and I have this afternoon habit of gathering at the beach front of our aunt’s private beach resort to wait for the beautiful sunset. Of course, we never let the moment pass without having our souvenir photos taken. (Photos here were taken on different occasions.)

Maligaya, Lubang, Occidental Mindoro

This picture of sunset reminds me of teamwork.

Lubang Island

A project in one of my subjects in graduate school brought me to Lubang Island for three days together with my teammates. Since Lubang town is a coastal area, we booked a resort where the shoreline was just a few steps from our doorstep. My group would begin our day by having breakfast by the beach and end it on the same spot come dinner. Our time between sunrise and sunset was allotted for our project. After finishing every task, we would head to the beach again to have a glimpse of the fading sun and talk about the progress of our project at the same time.  It became our routine for three days because discussing our project with the view of the stunning sunset helped our team to work better.

Kennon Road

This picture of sunset reminds me that I should take a break from work from time to time.


After a very exhausting workweek, my friends and I had our first impromptu trip to Baguio just to have a dinner and get a massage. While our car was gearing towards the uphill roads of the City of Pines, the sunset exhibited its striking hues over the clouds. Instead of moving faster due to time constraint, we alighted from the car and savored the scene before us. We arrived in Baguio at 7 p.m. and left at 11 p.m the same night. It was our longest four hours in Baguio. After that trip, we agreed to do the same thing again.

Boracay Island

This picture of sunset reminds me of living my life to full.


We were five who have flown to Boracay for the celebration of my birthday last year. On the day of my birthday, a life was taken. The first love of a friend who was with me in the island met a tragic death. Given the incident, my celebration was punctuated by my friend’s moments of grief every now and then. After our water sports activities that day, the dark skies became clear. I saw the sunset upon understanding why I had to see someone close to me in pain during my birthday. My friend’s loss taught me to appreciate my life more and live it each day.

These are just 10 among my photos of sunsets. Every photo I keep tells a story. I have to be honest; sunsets make me more expressive. Maybe you have also asked this question to yourself: Why does sunset make someone emotional? Mehmet Murat Ildan, a Turkish writer, believes that there’s a reason for it. According to him, “Sunset is a wonderful opportunity for us to appreciate all the great things the sun gives us.”

I also came to understand one thing about sunset: “It has the power to touch and reveal our soft side.”

I know the photos of sunsets in my collection are different from yours. If you have your own collection and you want to have it published here on, please send your ONE best photo (don’t resize it) of sunset with short story about it not exceeding 150 words at on or before August 20, 2014. Include your name and the place where the photo was taken. I will compile all photos submitted to me and notify you once published here.